True Confessions of a Kid

Do you ever yearn to go back in time to the “good old days”, whatever they were? Then don’t pass up this book! Go to the magical world that is the theater of your mind and tromp along with characters like Speedy Butelo, Jake Pupko or Joe Sarisky - real people, who actually lived - and savor the ‘40’s and ‘50’s days of argyle socks, nickel cokes and kids 8 and 9 years old playing with dynamite in the coal region where anything went. Great little vignettes that are guaranteed to take you out of your everyday world. This book is one of a kind since no one wrote about them who lived them. But this author not only lived them, he lived to tell about them. So- here you go. Grab a copy of this book. Sit back in a cushy chair and have a few laughs as the author takes you through his experiences as a kid growing up in a different era that had its own magic and charm which is no longer available, except in these pages. This is the first in a series so enjoy a laugh and get ready for the rest to come. Buy and Read, “True Confessions of a Kid”

True Confessions of a Kid
By Ron Miscavige

Hideouts for Midgets on the Lam

Don't be shocked at yourself if you buy this book, Hideouts for Midgets on the Lam. Some of the most brilliant men and women have done the same thing. So, rest assured, you are in good company. I don't know if that last statement is true. But it could very well be so, based on that possibility I am stating it with certainty, that it is true. Where in any other book ever written - and that statement is pretty true - could you find out about "The Pointer System," an absolutely astounding discovery that once you learn this method you will never be lost! The "Tips" section itself is worth the price of this book. Actually, many times over. One of the things you will learn in this section is how you could become a D.o.D (Doctor of Dorks) and actually have people call you Doctor! Get a copy! Get MANY copies and give them to people who are sourpusses. It might cure them. After all, the Italians at one point considered laughter to be the only valid mental therapy. I'm not Italian, but I like Italian food, so I tend to agree with that theory. Buy and Read: Hideouts for Midgets on the Lam And other totally disrelated stories And laugh your way to a better day!