EXCLUSIVE: David Miscavige’s Father Ron- I Know Where Shelly Is

Below is a small excerpt from my interview with The Dirty Staff.  Click here for the full article.

"One of the biggest controversies surrounding the Church of Scientology has always been where Michele Miscavige (known as Shelly), the wife of Church leader David Miscavige has been. We recently talked extensively with Ron Miscavige, the father of David, who is no longer affiliated with the church and has been disconnected by his family members in the church. Ron’s book, Ruthless: Scientology, My Son David Miscavige, and Me, was just released in paperback yesterday, and he had an answer for us on where he believes Shelly is.

“Her birthday is January 18th,” Ron began with explaining. “My birthday is January 19th. I would always send her a gift on her birthday, because most of the time I wouldn’t have face to face contact with them. Usually on the 19th I would get an acknowledgement- (something like) ‘thanks for the nice gift Ron’- and then I’d get a gift.”

Full Audio of Scientology Spies Admitting to Recording Me

Tony Ortega uploaded the full audio of the spies admitting they were paid $10,000 a week by Scientology to record my every move from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. The spies were heavily armed with multiple guns, a silencer and thousands of rounds of ammunition. I tried to contact David afterwards to ask him to call of this unethical behavior, but I was told by his attorney that he did not trust me. I am not the only one that has been harassed by the Scientology for leaving. Many lives have been heavily affected and many families have been destroyed by this cult, that calls itself a religion, and operates as a business. These bullying tactics used by Scientology needs to stop. You can listen to the audio below: